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Lewis C. Eggebrecht

Mr. Eggebrecht served as Vice President and Chief Scientist of ICS from 1998 through May 2003. Mr. Eggebrecht has held various other technical and executive management positions for more than 30 years, including as Chief Multimedia Architect at Phillips Semiconductor Manufacturing Inc., as Graphics Architect at S3 Graphics Limited, and Vice President of Research and Development at Commodore International Limited, and as a small systems architect for 15 years at International Business Machines Corporation (“IBM”). While at IBM, Mr. Eggebrecht was the Chief Architect and Design Team Leader on the original IBM PC. He has also previously served on the board of directors of a number of public and private companies. Mr. Eggebrecht holds six patents on the IBM PC and has authored two books on PC architecture, over 20 IBM Technical Disclosure Bulletins and trade press articles. Mr. Eggebrecht’s qualifications to serve on our Board include his extensive experience in personal computer architecture, integrated circuit design and networking, wireless and timing technologies, as well as his experience serving on the board of directors of other public technology companies.

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